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The vineyards

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Our vineyards are located in the Quincy and Brinay districts (for Quincy AOC) and the Châteaumeillant district (for Châteaumeillant AOC). The average age of our vines is 35 years and the oldest were planted in 1945.

As we believe that good wine can only be produced from top quality grapes, we attach great importance to the way in which we cultivate our vineyards.

Regular soil analyses are carried out to ensure that we give our vines just the right type and amount of additional help.

Regular monitoring of our vineyards plots and meticulous technical management enable us to optimize and reduce the treatments we use.


Our vineyards are grass covered, In order to carefully control yields. Grassing also allows a deeper rooting of the vine and a better expression of the "terroir".

Determining the date of harvest: as harvest time approaches, analyses are performed to measure the various balances within the grapes. These measurements are always accompanied by a tasting of the berries in the vineyards plots to assess maturity.

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