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The story of a family...

Jacques SIRET manages the Domaine du Grand Rosières with his sister and wife since the retirement of his parents. His son, Vincent, has already taken up the torch, creating his own domaine, waiting for brother, Clément, and sister, Anna Claire, to return to their roots.

Domaine SIRET-COURTAUD une histoire de famille

The family has vineyards in the QUINCY (16 hectares) and CHATEAUMEILLANT (3 hectares) AOC regions.

Domaine du Grand Rosieres – Jacques SIRET

Jacques Siret moved to the family farm in Grand Rosières in Lunery in 1970. He started diversifying its production in the 1990's, first by growing asparagus then raising farmyard chickens. In 1995, Jacques moved into viticulture with the purchase of 1.5 hectares of vines in the Quincy appellation area. This was to be the beginning of a great adventure.

Domaine Vincent SIRET - COURTAUD

After gaining his agricultural engineering degree (from the Ecole de Purpan in Toulouse), Vincent specialized in viticulture, obtaining an oenology degree in Dijon in 2002. He then honed his skills working as an estate manager for 4 years in the Gaillac region in South West France.

In 2006, Vincent took ownership of 10 hectares of vines in the Quincy appellation area and created Domaine Vincent Siret-Courtaud. In 2010, the domaine expanded with the acquisition of 3 hectares of vines in the Châteaumeillant appellation area.

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