Harvest 2011

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Harvesting started on 12 September 2011. The first Sauvignon Blanc grapes were picked in the "La Pointe" vineyard in Quincy in beautiful September sunshine.

The latter part of the season lived up to its promise bringing us a warm, sunny September.

Grapes from the various plots were harvested at full maturity including those affected by the hail in May. We nevertheless had to wait until mid October to harvest the hail-affected grapes in the best conditions.


The clipping of grape pickers' secateurs could first be heard in Châteaumeillant on 14 September. After the first day's picking devoted to the Gris, harvesting then resumed on 26 September for the reds.


And here is the last vineyard harvested in thick morning fog on 20 October 2011.

The "La brosse" vineyard brought the 2011 harvest to a close. All the grapes are now in tank and already delivering up their first aromas ...


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