Guide Hachette 2012

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Domaines Siret wines are listed in the Guide Hachette 2012.

The latest issue of this guide features our Quincy wines and, for the first time, our Châteaumeillant wine.

Le Domaine du Grand Rosieres obtains one star for its Quincy 2010

"A cereal grower originally, Jacques Siret has gradually built up his wine estate that now covers 6 hectares. Son, Vincent, who owns his own domaine, has been lending a hand since 2006. This 2010 exudes blackcurrant buds and broom, with hints of violet and white-fleshed fruit. Smooth and fat on the palate, this wine shows a great deal of personality. A Quincy that would be a perfect companion with dessert, such as a cheesecake if it's not too sweet, for example".

Le Domaine Vincent Siret-Courtaud obtains one star for its Quincy 2010.

"The son of Jacques Siret (Grand Rosières), Vincent Siret-Courtaud, agricultural engineer and oenologist, learnt his trade in Gaillac before returning to his native area and setting up on 10 hectares. He also invested in Châteaumeilllant. Reflecting its meticulous

vinification, his Quincy releases aromas of boxwood and white flowers mingled with delicious notes of brioche. Nice and big on the palate, showing the maturity of the grapes, with citrus fruit, yellow peach and a subtle touch of honey on the finish. Enjoy with a sweet and sour salad."

Le Domaine Vincent Siret-Courtaud obtains one star for its Châteaumeillant Red 2010.

"This first wine from newcomer to the appellataion, Vincent-Courtaud Siret, is a great success. His Châteaumeillant displays a pretty ruby red with purple highlights. On the nose, it exudes lovely blackberry and raspberry notes. The tannins come through progressively without aggression. A well structured wine, which will be nice in three years time paired with red meat."

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